Finding [tag]softball warm up drills[/tag] for your [tag]softball practice[/tag] can be challenging.   We have been doing a core Stretching and Speed drill that the players love and the improvement in skills make this one to use often! Softball Warm Up Drills

The girls stand back to back, using two [tag]softball[/tag]s in one girls hand, left and right hand. The one with the softballs passes the balls to the other who doesn’t have one.   With the ball in their right hand they reach around/over their left arm, twisting and the receiving player receives it in her left hand by reaching around/over her right arm, twisting.   Same for the second ball but opposite hand.

We see how many complete transfers they can do in three minutes.   We do this during our stretching time.   It gets the heart rate up, stretches the back, shoulders and arms. A huge benefit is that it builds core muscles for batting.