Try these [tag]softball practice tips[/tag] to liven up your practices.   Our players really enjoy these, skills are improved, and everyone has fun.

3 Tiered Hitting Tee
Take a normal batting tee and add 2 1 inch plastic cylinders to it.   Take a piece of string, tie on end to the base of the tee, make it long enough and tie the end to a hard plastic cylinder about 1 inch high and the diameter of a quarter. Put a softball on the tee then put this cylinder on top of the ball, place another [tag]softball[/tag] on this cylinder and another cylinder on top of bell number 2.   Place a third ball on top of this cylinder and your ready to go! You should have three balls separated by 2 cylinders that are attached to the base of the tee by a string.

The player hits the top ball, then the middle and finally the one sitting one the tee.   You get 3 cuts from the tee simulating a high, middle and low pitch.

First Base Fielding
We are trying to come up with creative ways of throwing to first base.   We are trying different versions of the dunking booth, funny stuffed animals in a chair on first base, etc.   It is coming up with funny targets to throw at on first base.   The rewards for the girls are they have to come up with things the [tag]softball coach[/tag]es have to do for each time any player hits the target, for example, making the coach run the bases.