These ideas on [tag]strength conditioning for softball[/tag] come courtesy of my subscribers.   Two great suggestions that can work with all age groups.Strength Conditioning for Softball

From Anthony…
We do exercise ball drills as warm ups prior to [tag]softball[/tag] practice. (20 minutes). It is a fun way to accomplish building the core and stretching.   Here is one of the [tag]softball drills[/tag] we do.

We use an extremely light ball (1k) to do the drills.   We have 3 teams of 4, each in a single line.   Everyone lies on their back.   The first person in line has the ball and he does a sit up with the ball in his hand and gives it to the next player in front, who in turn grabs the ball behind his head and does a sit up and gives it to the next player in front.   Each player that hands off the ball runs to the front of the line and the entire process repeats itself until the teams move 80′ down the field.

Exercise & stretching are accomplished in a fun way.

From Duke …
Pre season [tag]softball drill[/tag] for strength and conditioning:
After the girls have jogged and stretched, have the team run half speed the length of the gym and sprint back. Immediately go to   a strength exercise such as push ups, crunches, lunges, etc. Then repeat the run phase, strength phase.
This will do a whole body work out in a short time frame.