We know from watching a softball swing in slow motion that the toe opens up and the hips start to snap through in the swing. The Stride Box drill is an excellent hitting drill to help address the issue of opening the toe too soon.     The key in this hitting drill is to make sure the stride foot lands with the toe closed or facing home plate.

The Stride box, which is just 2 pieces of a 2 x 4 – 1 foot long and 6 inches long – made into an “L” shape.   Nail this box into the ground to help the batter be aware of the stride foot, allowing them to make sure the stride foot lands closed to the pitcher.

The hitter sets up their ready position just shy of that lead part of the stride box. That gives her room to stride.   Keeping the stride foot closed, and as the stride foot lands, you get ready to launch your barrel.