Outfielders learn to field a ball that has been hit into the sun.


On a sunny day, set up players in the outfield, facing the sun. The coach stands nearby.

Outfielders shield their eyes from the sun while catching a ball.



  1. The coach throws a ball high into the air so that the outfielder has to look in the direction of the sun to track and catch the ball.
  2. The player should use their glove to shield their eyes from the sunlight while tracking the ball.
  3. The player will get into position and make the catch, repeating the drill as necessary.

Coaching Tips:

  • The ball is staying on a straight path as it ascends to its highest point and then descends. The outfielder should follow the path of the ball as it goes into the sunlight, as it will come back down along the same path.
  • The player should keep their eyes underneath their glove while tracking the ball.