Use the following [tag]teaching softball drills[/tag] to sharpen your players’ fielding skills and ensure they always keep their eye on the ball.Teaching Softball Skills

When teaching softball drills always demonstrate the [tag]drill[/tag] at half speed to emphasize proper form.   The first [tag]field drill[/tag] is to be done in partners.   Players start on their knees facing each other approximately 20 feet apart.   They start by rolling the ball to each without their gloves on.   Players may kneel at first but after getting comfortable with the drill have them assume the catcher’s stance squatting in a deep knee bend.

After the players have rolled the ball back and forth 20 times, have them put their gloves on and repeat the process.   After 20 successful rolls, they are to throw the ball working first their forehand throws for 20 repetitions, followed by 20 backhand throws.   After this, players are to stand and repeat the drill.   This drill also functions as a great method to warm up the players’ [tag]throwing[/tag] arms before a game.

The next drill requires 5 different colored markers.   Before practice, write the numbers 1-5 on a series of balls.   For younger players make sure to keep the numbers and colors consistent.   For older players you can mix them up for an added challenge.

Have your [tag]fielders[/tag] take their positions in the outfield and begin hitting the numbered balls to one player at a time.   Before [tag]catching[/tag] and fielding the ball, the player must call out the color of the number.   This forces the player to focus their gaze directly on the ball, and use quick thinking to discern the color.

After players have gotten the hang of it, have them switch to calling out the number written on the ball.   This drill can also be turned into a points game, whereby players earn the number of points corresponding the number if the ball is successfully caught and fielded or they lose that number of points if they fail.   Remember that after teaching [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] always give your players a moment or two to rest up and drink water before proceeding to the next activity.