Take a look at this submission from Bob.   This is a great example of [tag]team drills for softball[/tag] that can work with all age groups.Team Drills for Softball

From Bob
One of the [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] we run is instead of just having the players run sprints we make two lines at first base.

On the [tag]coaches[/tag] call, two by two they need to race down to second. Here’s the twist. Each race is different. On the word “GO” they karaoke, (running sideways criss-crossing your feet), and then the next pair steps up. On their “GO” the first pair needs to turn and [tag]sprint[/tag] the rest of the way to second while the second pair is starting their karaokes.

We use any combination of back-peddling, karaoke, sprints, and bear crawl. It sounds something like this, “(first race) Bear crawl…..on the second “go” get up and run. (second   race) back peddle…..on the second “go” karaoke the rest of the way. (third race) karaoke….on the second “go” turn and run… (fourth race) back peddle… on the second “go” turn and run the rest of the way.”

The first time you run this 70% of your players will fall on their backsides. Within 3 weeks you will notice that your players will be able to back-peddle at full speed and turn into a full sprint with two fluid cross-over steps.

Simple, fun [tag]drill[/tag] that will improve agility in your players.