Many coaches are looking for [tag]tips for coaching middle school softball[/tag].   Here is one suggestion from Gene that works well.Tips for Coaching Middle School Softball

Players need to learn to practice at game speed; this [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] starts out slow and then picks up speed.

What you need:     Two coaches with gloves and two buckets with balls.

How this drill works:   Break the team into two groups with their backs to the backstop. Have one player step out of each group and roll them a ground ball. Have them field the ball, snap their feet, throw the ball back to the [tag]coach[/tag], and run to the back of the line. The coach has a ball in their hand and one in their glove. As soon as the coach catches the first ball roll the next one.

Stress to the players to get in good [tag]fielding[/tag] position, set their feet before they throw, and stay focused on the ball. Roll the ball soon enough to hit the feet of the player making the throw.   If there is a bad throw grab another ball out of the bucket and keep the drill going.

Results:   Players need to learn to field the ball with things going on around them as you speed up the drill you will create confusion just like in a game. The faster the better.