I got the inspiration for these [tag]training tips for softball[/tag] from two of my subscribers. They include some fresh ideas that work well with your younger teams.   Try them out and let me know what you think!

From Shay…
We have a very simple [tag]softball drill[/tag].   We are coaching 9-10 year old girls, so we are still working with the basics for [tag]softball[/tag]. We have found that many of our girls are still a little scared of pop-ups-and catching anything in the air for that matter, so we bought tennis balls and stand in front of them bouncing it off the ground. Since the ball is much softer, they are learning to stay under it because they aren’t as afraid of it hurting.

It has really improved their techniques-and their confidence level!Training Tips for Softball

From Alicia…
This drill works well when your players are in a hitting slump, their confidence is low, and the stress of hitting outweighs the fun.   It is hitting fruit!   That’s right, hitting fruit!

Just go to a super market and ask for old fruit/produce that they are going to through out.   At [tag]softball practice[/tag], your players will have so much fun smashing the fruit that they will forget about all the stress and pressure.   They will be swinging hard and laughing while the fruit explodes!!!   Just be sure to do this out in a field, not on your field.