Triangle Pivot


Players will stand about 10 feet away from each other in the shape of a triangle, and work on their catch, pivot and throw.

Set up

Space out the players about 10 feet apart in the shape of a triangle as shown in image

Give one player the softball

Each player should have their mitt on


1.  When ready, the player with the ball will step and throw the ball to the next player in a clockwise path.

2.  The player catching the ball will pivot and throw again in a clockwise path to next player.

3.  They should follow this pattern for 2 minutes.

4.  After 2 minutes, they should increase the throwing distance to 20 feet.

Coaching Tips

Tracking of the ball is essential to being a great fielder with good hands.
Squeeze the mitt with each catch.
Secure the catch with the non-throwing hand.
Pivot quickly, but under control.
Step with each throw in the direction you want the ball to travel.

Make It Easier

Shorten the distance the players have to throw the ball.

Make It Harder

Increase the distance the players have to throw the ball.