Use the following warm up drills for softball at either your next [tag]practice[/tag] or before your next games to get your players’ blood flowing, their hearts pumping and their arms ready to [tag]throw[/tag], [tag]catch[/tag] and play ball.Warm Up Drills for Softball

When searching for [tag]warm up drills for softball[/tag], you want to find [tag]drills[/tag] that provide a full-body [tag]warm up[/tag] while focusing specifically on the arms, which are the muscles that need the best pre-game warm up.

This warm up [tag]drill[/tag] is a great way to teach your players to follow the path of the ball.   Set up a row of small plastic cones in an arc in the outfield.   Divide your team into 3 groups, and have each group line up in each of the field positions.

Begin by batting a grounder to left field.   The player at the front of the line is to round the cone before fielding the ball.   Players may either round the cone to the left or right side, whichever they prefer.   Repeat with center and left field until each player has at least one or two chances to field the ball.

To set up the next of the warm up drills for [tag]softball[/tag] have one player on each of the bases, including home plate.   All other players are to line up behind 3rd base approximately where the coaching box is located.

Begin by hitting a ground ball to the 3rd base player who throws it to 2nd, who in turn throws it to 1st, who then throws it to the catcher.   After they have thrown the ball, the players are to [tag]sprint[/tag] to where the ball was being thrown, and the player first in line at 3rd base assumes that position.   This drill can also be run counterclockwise, by batting to 1st base, and throwing to 2nd, 3rd, and then home.