Take a look at these [tag]warmup drills for softball[/tag]. I saw a [tag]softball coach[/tag] use this [tag]softball drill[/tag] about 5 years ago and I have used it ever since.   It is one of the best softball warm up drills I have seen/used.

Split team into 3 groups.   Position each group at the points of an imaginary triangle, with about 30 feet between each group.   Have the three groups line up in a line at each of those points.   If you throw down some cones or bases at these points, it helps them stay in right position.Warmup Drills for Softball

Give one [tag]softball[/tag] to every person in one of the groups.   This is your starting group.   On your command, the front person in this line (group 1) rolls a grounder to the group to their left (group 2), then runs to the back of the line they just rolled to ball to (group 2).   The first person in that group (group 2) fields the grounder, pops up and makes a throw to the group to her left (group 3), then runs to the back of the line they just threw the ball to (group 3).   The first person in that group (group 3) catches the throw, then takes the ball with her and runs to the end of the group to her left (group 1).   You just have to remind the player to “follow the ball”, wherever they throw it to, they then go to the back of that group.

That is one complete circuit, includes a grounder, fielding a grounder, making a short infield throw, catching a short infield throw, and several short sprints.

You can either wait until a circuit is complete, before starting the next ball around, or once they have the hang of it, you can start the next ball before the previous one is completely around.   Just get it started, and let everyone go thru the whole circuit 5-6 reps.

At short range, this is a really great pregame warmup drill.   It drills a lot of the basic movements and gets the blood pumping.   Everyone in the team is involved and moving.