This is one of the [tag]youth girls softball coaching[/tag] tips I received from one of my subscribers. Try this out with your [tag]softball[/tag] team tonight and you will see immediate results!

I am working with 9,10,11 and 12 year old girls for Little League Softball Majors team. This is a [tag]softball tip[/tag] that worked well to improve throwing the softball.Youth Girls Softball Coaching

I am trying to get them to throw harder and straighter, none of these “rainbow” throws. One day I told them to throw “through” their partner, not “to” them, and I told them that the throw shouldn’t end at their partner, other than their partner intercepting/catching it.

It was like the lights came on!! Most of the girls increased the length of their throws by the end of the [tag]softball practice[/tag], and were no longer afraid of throwing “too hard.”