This is not so much a [tag]softball drill[/tag] but rather [tag]youth softball coaching tips[/tag] I tried with our 8U team. After several games my softball team was just standing around and not being very aggressive. So one [tag]softball practice[/tag] I brought a kickball and said we are not practicing today we are going to play kickball.

All of a sudden all the kids where hustling, trying to take extra bases really going after it if you know what mean. After the game I told the team to play [tag]softball[/tag] the same way they played kickball.   It made a big difference. I just kept reminding them to play the game with the same attitude. This is something obviously to try with younger kids. I hope some of you find it useful.

A competitive conditioning drill
Get 2 players standing on one end of the plate with 1 facing 1st base and the other facing 3rd base.   The player facing 1st base will run thru 1st and then slide in to 2nd and run back thru 1st and then home.   The player facing 3rd base will run thru 3rd base and then slide into 2nd and run back thru 3rd and then home.     The player that gets back to home plate 1st is the winner.