These are some of the [tag]youth softball coaching tips[/tag] that were sent to me by Jason. Try these out with your team tonight!Youth Softball Coaching Tips

From Jason…
Drill #1 “Think Ahead”
We use this as a [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]conditioning[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag], but it also makes you think ahead of where the ball is coming from and what am I suppose to do with it when I get it, like you want your players to do in a game.

Divide the players up into 4 corners.   Start with 2 balls in opposite corners.
Rule of thumb is: “if you [tag]catch[/tag] it in the air you roll it on the ground, if you catch it on the ground you throw it in the air.

First two players roll the ball across the gym and follow their ball (sprint).   YOU ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR THROW.
Next 2 kids in line will field the ball and [tag]throw[/tag] in the air to the left and follow their throw.
Next 2 players catch the ball in the air and roll it on the ground across the gym and follow their throw.

This is repeated until you can get 15-20 throws with out a mistake.