Special thanks to Gary in Hawaii for sending this one in.   If you’ve every struggled with ideas for a new [tag]youth softball drill[/tag], you should try this out!Youth Softball Drill

From Gary…
While playing catch with my 10 year old the other day I came up with a new [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] and it seems to work really good.

I see that a lot of the new kids playing who are 9 and 10 years old have a little trouble getting the ball out of the [tag]glove[/tag] in a hurry and still able to make a good throw.

I call this drill “the hot potato”. After I throw the ball to my son I yell “hot potato” and he gets the ball out of his glove fast, gets a good [tag]grip[/tag] and makes a great [tag]throw[/tag].

It teaches them to learn how to get the ball out and still set up for a good throw. After doing this for a bit my son was able to [tag]catch[/tag] the ball, get the ball out of the glove and make a good throw to first and do it fast.

It works for me and I will be using it this year with my team.