You will find that this idea for [tag]youth softball hitting drills[/tag] will become a favorite with your younger [tag]softball[/tag] players.Youth Softball Hitting Drills

To make [tag]batting practice[/tag] more exciting for junior kids one of our [tag]softball coach[/tag]es asked kids to line up and hit a raw egg (warn parents to dress children in old clothes), tomato, water balloon (best value as it lasted the longest)

This certainly got the kids looking at the ball, especially as the egg/tomatoes/water balloon are smaller than a softball (or even a tee ball).   Even kids who were tentative about batting were desperate to have a go.   This made it easier to correct grip and even give basic pointers about where to stand in the box and what direction the egg/tomato/H20 balloon will fly in.   We also asked catcher to see if they could guess where the egg/tomato/H20 balloon was going to land and related it back to how the batter stood in box.

Fun time had by all BUT a lot of cleaning up.