Coming up with new ideas for a [tag]youth softball practice drill[/tag] can sometimes be a challenge.   Here’s a tip that Yvette sent which works well with her team.Youth Softball Practice Drill

From Yvette…
This [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] works for 10 year olds, don’t know how well for older girls.

We have “stations” to keep the girls busy or they lose sight of what is going on.   We split the girls into 4 groups of 3.
Station 1: Girls are on 1st base & get in the lead off position as a [tag]coach[/tag] throws a ball into the air to another coach (R, RC area).   The girls have to watch to see if the ball is caught or dropped.   The girls then have to make the decision to run to 2nd or go for the tag up.   In the games we find that the girls are not knowing what to do and have an issue with “tuning” out the [tag]base coach[/tag], so we thought that if they knew what to look for when on first, it make them understand what we are trying to do in a game.

Station 2:   Coach in the [tag]outfield[/tag] for the girls to catch pop flys.

Station 3:   Hula Hoops on the fence for the girls to pick up three balls and make it through the hoop (Target practice).

Station 4:   Girls then go to 3rd and have to run and [tag]slide[/tag] home (two times or so), then back to station 1.

We feel that it keeps the girls focused and makes for some fun.   We do this for about 30 minutes non-stop.