While coaching [tag]youth softball[/tag], I found that my younger [tag]softball[/tag] players, 4 & 5 year olds especially, had some trouble with the bases and knowing where to go. You need to go to the fundamentals before you start your basic [tag]softball drills[/tag]!

* I put a kid on each base, including home, and doubled up as necessary.
* I stood on the middle and yelled “go” real loud and everyone advanced one base. (I could turn around and see if everyone was running correctly).
* I would then ask them which base they are going to next to make sure they knew (sometimes they got it wrong).
* I did this about 10 times and they finally started getting better.

A longer pause after some repetitions gave them more time to let their mind wander, so when I said “go” I could see if they instinctively knew which next base to go to.

The kids loved running, they liked getting the right answer to my question, and the parents loved watching too.