Hitting Stations allow you to maximize the number of players you can have working on their hitting at the same time. Plus, by working at hitting stations, you can focus on hitting in a more compact way while you emphasize certain aspects, such as skills that improve a hitters vision, hitting power, or specific techniques.

8 Hitting Station Ideas For Your Next Softball Practice!

Station #1: Bunting
A simple technique you can work on in a hitting station is the bunt. All you want to do is see the ball, hit the ball and see what letter of the bat the ball is dropping on.

Station #2: Simple Tee
Using the tee allows hitters to know if their swings are perfect. If a player can’t perfect on a tee with a ball not moving, they won’t be able to hit a ball that is moving and moving fast.

Station #3: Personal Pitcher
The personal pitcher allows for live pitching with focus on a much smaller ball.

Station #4: Small Target
By tossing a very small object, players can learn better focus and concentration and improve their eye/hand corrdination.

Station #5: Hitting Up & Down Along A Line
Use a simple string line tied to a fence at an angle to ensure that the hitters bat is following the right trajectory when they are hitting up or down.

Station #6: Wrist Roll Check
This hitting station will allow your players to know if they are rolling their wrist when they hit.

Station #7: Drop Drill
A ball is dropped from above the hitter, allowing the hitter to work on both focus, timing and hitting mechanics. This drill helps to create a quicker swing.

Station #8: Toss Drill
This drill uses a retracto-ball to allow hitters to become comfortable with timing the pitch.


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