Aggressive Softball Baserunning

There are many things you can learn to take you to the next level as a baserunner. Some are mechanics that don’t payoff right away. For example, younger players don’t usually have the mindset as baserunners to constantly try to test the defense that they are going to go to the next base.

In today’s video blog post, we are talking about aggressive softball baserunning, and the importance of always keeping your eye on the ball.

5 things need to go right every time you hit a base hit to the outfield:

  • we hit the single and run down the line
  • we round first
  • we assume that the ground ball that has been hit to the outfielder is going to be picked up cleanly
  • we assume it’s going to be thrown in as a strike to the middle infielder
  • we assume its going to be thrown into another strike to the pitcher


And the most important thing you need to do is NEVER take your eyes off the ball.

Keep your eyes on the ball until the ball is in the circle.

And when you see that ball get back in the circle, then it’s your time to get back to your base.


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