There is one element of the game that every player has to execute, and that is after the hit, leaving home plate and progressing to first plate. We want to make sure that our players are using the most efficient footwork to enable them to — as quickly as possible — get out of the box.   In today’s video blog post, we are talking about leaving home plate, and demonstrating 2 excellent baserunning drills to help build these skills in your athletes!

Baserunning Drills for Softball: Leaving Home

After your right-handed batter takes her cut and attacks the ball, she will be positioned where most of her weight is on her right, or back, foot. She will take her first step out of the box with the back foot.

What you might see out of your athletes is a false step. After contact with the ball, they may pick up their left (front) foot first, and then proceed with the right foot.

For your left-handed players, it is the same thing. After they have contacted the ball, they are going to crossover step with their back foot, and take a long step towards first base.

What you might see out of a left-hander, in regards to false footwork starts, is a backstep with the front foot, and then the crossover.

The most important steps when your athletes leave either the home plate box or a base, are the first three — just like a sprinter on an explosion. So after they come through their hit, they want to keep their body low, with the power in their legs, and drive through to first base.


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