Helps outfielders perfect their throws to the bases.


Player sets up in the outfield. Another player sits on a stool at a base. The coach stands in the infield with a bat.

Outfielder fields the ball and throws to the target in the infield.



  1. The coach hits a ground ball or fly ball to the outfielder, who catches it and throws it to the player seated on the stool.
  2. The throw must be within the square formed by the seated player’s knees and shoulders. If it’s not, the seated player should let it go.
  3. This drill can be run to all bases.

Coaching Tips: 

  • The outfielder should be getting behind the ball, catching it with forward momentum to make a strong throw.
  • The outfielder should use their legs, planting with the back foot and stepping forward on the throw. Also, watch for a good release point on the throw.