In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating an excellent catchers drill called the “Slides” drill.

Catchers Drill for Softball: The Slides Drill

Purpose of this Catchers Drill:

The purpose of this drill is to train the catcher to block the ball that is left of home and right of home plate, to replace your feet with your knees after you slide, and to angle yourself where the ball bounces back towards home plate.

Breaking down the Catchers Drill:

  • Throw your right foot out when you move to the right, and dragging and slide.
  • Develop enough momentum that the trail side comes around with it.
  • Mix in 10-15 reps each direction; 15 to the left, 15 to the right.
  • It’s good to rotate your sides and reps.
  • Check the angle of her helmet, and make sure it is down to her waist at a nice 45-degree angle up over the ball.
  • Do not sit down on your heels and do not sit on your calves as you go around. Staying up helps you get up over the top of the ball.

Stand out 10-15 feet in front of your catcher and make them learn to practice blocking the ball. One of the keys to blocking for catchers is you want it to be your instinct. You do not want your instinct to be to use your glove on a ball in the dirt. You need to make your instinctive response that of using the equipment you’re wearing and blocking the ball.

Another variation of this catchers drill is after they block the ball, at times the ball’s going to kick out back towards home. The catcher needs to learn to get up and retrieve the ball so that the catcher can make the throws. After she’s blocked the ball, the catcher needs to come up full speed, retrieve the ball, and make her throw to the necessary base.


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