Even for the fan that walks up and watches a fast pitch softball game for the very first time, it’s easy to see how important the catcher is. What seems like a very simplistic position is, in fact, very complex. But very few people understand the complex training that it takes to develop a great catcher.

In today’s video blog post, I have put together 3 fantastic catcher drills that will help your catcher get more comfortable with targeting and framing, and catching low, right and left pitches.

To begin with, I want to refresh on a very important catcher game rule. The rule states that a catcher cannot go past the back line of the batter’s box. So one thing that we tell our catchers is they have to watch and see where the hitter positions herself. Now, this is a very important point. The farther away from the plate you have your catcher, the tougher it is on the umpire because you’re also pushing the umpire back when you move away. So the catcher wants to stay as tight to the plate as the hitter will let them.


3 Fantastic Catcher Drills for Softball!

Targeting and Low Pitches

Learn more at http://www.softball-spot.com/catcher-mechanics-targeting-low-pitches/2629/


The Slides Drill

Learn more at http://www.softball-spot.com/catchers-drill-softball-slides-drill/2705/


The “Framing Drill”

Learn more at http://www.softball-spot.com/catchers-drill-framing/2715/


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