In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating an excellent catchers drill that allows the catcher to work on her twist, throwing and catching, and framing mechanics.

Breaking Down the Catchers Drill:

  • You want to be as motionless as possible as a catcher behind the plate
  • As you receive the ball, twist the ball towards the strike zone.
  • As you extend across the plate for an outside pitch, if it’s outside you twist it in to that outer edge. The ball that is for a right-handed hitter on the inside, you twist it to the inside part of the plate.
  • You want to present a motionless, small target behind the plate. As you catch and as you frame the pitches, it’s not a big, huge, exaggerated motion. It’s a little twist of the wrist, so every pitch looks like a strike.
  • Do 25-50 repetitions. In addition to your repetitions, you’ll be catching pitches every day during drills.
  • When pitchers are simulating innings pitched, that’s another great time to practice your framing mechanics. And just like throwing, you catch and throw every day. There’s no excuse at all to not have perfect or near-perfect mechanics when throwing and catching the ball.
  • Another variation of this drill is to have a partner stand short and toss the balls in to you so that you can practice these framing mechanics. One thing that’s good about these shorter tosses is the ball is more in control. It’s easier for a catcher to work on the actual wrist turn because the ball is easier to track.


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