I have a drill that I do to get my players in shape as well as everyone to know where to go on cut offs and lots of communication. When I’m coaching softball I always want this type of drill that serves multiple purposes.

I have 15 girls on my team at this time. I split up 5 players in 3 teams. You have 2 in left, 2 in center, 2 in right. 2 at 3rd, 2 at short, 2 at 2nd (normal position not at the base) and 3 at home taking the throws from the specific “infielders).

The coach will hit a fly ball to left field who throws the ball into 3rd base who then throws the ball into her “catcher” so to speak. The players will follow their throws. This means left now becomes 3rd, 3rd becomes the catcher and the catcher has to run out to left field.

This is consecutive in all three groups. So as soon as the coach hits the first ball to left field and the throw is made, the coach will then hit the next ball to center to start that group. Then once the throw is made the coach then hits the ball to right.

All in all, 3 groups are moving all the time. This helps the outfielders understand how important it is to hit the “cutoff” man or the bag they are throwing to. It also helps the infielders to understand how important it is to communicate where the cuts are. In addition it has also helped in our lining up the cut offs.

This is great for conditioning because everyone is moving and the catcher position has to really work to get out to the outfield.