Hitting Drills for Different Hitting Styles: Part 1

Each athlete is going to have a different swing style, and there are certain hitting drills that can be used with these different swing styles to maximize mechanics and conditioning of your players.  In today’s video blog post, we talk a bit about some of these different styles, and I share 4 excellent hitting drills that you can incorporate into your next practice!

Ball To Outside Of Foot

  • Standing in your hitting stance, place the ball on the ground next to the outer side of the back foot.
  • Your goal is to get the knee pointed to the pitcher in such a way that the hips turned towards the pitcher.
  • Simulate swinging the bat for a hit, focusing on the “toe-heel-heel-toe” action of the feet
  • The ball should not move. If you do knock or hit the ball, this means that you are spinning and/or twisting your leg.

Squishing The Bug

  • Standing in your hitting stance, place the ball on the ground next to the outer side of the back foot.
  • Turn the hips to point the knee to the pitcher by pivoting on the toes on the back leg (“squishing” the bug)
  • The ball should be knocked strongly away

Toss Into The Net Drill

  • Stand in your hitting stance, with the ball in the outside/back hand
  • Bring the elbow into the side of the body, and then toss down and around into the net
  • This is an excellent drill to use for a rotational hitting style

This is an example of 3 great drills. Once you have decided which kind of swing style you want to emphasize, you can add one of these additional piece to your drill sets.


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    • charles pervall

      Great resource site for drills. I think some of these ideas will greatly improve girls softabll skill set.

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