Sarah in Tampa Springs wrote to ask if I could suggest any ideas for [tag]drills for fastpitch softball[/tag].  Here are a couple of  [tag]softball[/tag] drills sent in by Margie and Mike. Drills for Fastpitch Softball

Football Toss Drill
In the outfield have the coach standing with the team divided in two with half in a line of each side of him.  Each player has a baseball.  The first player in line hands the coach their softball.  The player runs out, like catching a football pass, but they are actually catching a softball that the [tag]coach[/tag] is throwing up like a pop fly.  Each player runs out away from the middle.  The coach alternates lines for throwing.  The players go to the other line after they catch their softball. 

This [tag]drill[/tag] helps the players catch pop flys on the run.

Mike’s Tip

Fill a bucket full of rice.  Have the kids dig through it to get to the bottom. 

Great way to develop hands, forearms and wrists.

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