Many coaches struggle with [tag]fastpitch practice drills[/tag].   Here is one suggestion for an [tag]indoor drill[/tag] that was sent in by Dawson.Fastpitch Practice Drills

Here is something that I use with my [tag]softball[/tag] team during the winter months in our gym that helps players wind down at the end of a hard practice. It’s a modified game of Basketball, here are the rules.

3 – 4 Players per team
Ball is rubber and a little bigger than a softball (Walmart special).   Should be able to grip in one hand.
No Dribbling of the ball.
Player can only take 3 steps.
Players must throw the ball to each other in order to move it up the floor and score.

Although the players see this as a fun game it helps to build on their [tag]teamwork[/tag], throwing under pressure, burst running and communication skills.