I got the inspiration for this [tag]fastpitch softball coaching tip[/tag] from Jim, one of my subscribers. It includes some fresh ideas for [tag]softball drills[/tag].   Try it out and let me know what you think!Fastpitch Softball Coaching Tip

From Jim…
At Eden Prairie, our girls fastpitch [tag]softball[/tag] players run “Doubles.”

The softball team is divided into 3 equal groups; one at first base, one a second base, one at home. On “Go” the first person in each group goes two bases. As soon as they hit the first base, the next person in that line follows immediately. The first runner runs through her second base, the following person rounds that base and goes to her second base.

Once each player does her first double, she walks back (cool down) to the previous base and continues from there until she has completed her “doubles” from all three bases and ends up where she started. (We don’t start from third because we’d don’t want runners rounding home plate.)

Emphasis is on speed and proper rounding of bases. Anywhere from 2 to 4 of these circuits provides a good [tag]baserunning softball drill[/tag], as well as great conditioning.