I’ve gotten a whole bunch of requests for [tag]fastpitch softball conditioning[/tag] drills over the past few days.   Here’s an idea that a coach sent to me that can be used for all [tag]softball[/tag] players.Fastpitch Softball Conditioning

From Erin…
A [tag]softball drill[/tag] that we used when I coached JV was called the Snake Relay.

I had the girls get in 3 or 4 rows and each row had 3 girls in it. Then we started with 1 softball and they would “snake” the ball through the lines. This worked on relay throws but also when the ball switched rows, the girls had to work on their side toss as well.   Once a player threw the ball they would sprint to replace the player they had thrown the ball to. The last player would take the ball and sprint back to the beginning of the line.

Once your players begin to become good with one ball, you can add a second ball when the first gets half way around to see if the second ball can catch the first. I find that it is a good [tag]softball conditioning drill[/tag] and it makes the girls work on making good throws when they are tired.