These free softball coaching drills work well to instill teamwork and provide friendly competition.

Teamwork Drill
Divide the entire team into two teams.
One team hits the infield, the other team lines up behind the plate.
Coach hits a ball to a random location.
Runner takes off running to each base.
The fielding team needs to make throws to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, then home before the runner circles the bases and touches home.
One point rewarded to the team who is successful.
Errors made by the fielding team results in pushups.

This has been highly motivational, while focusing on fielding, throwing, and baserunning conditioning.

This softball drill can also be altered to incorporate an actual hitter.

Pre-Game Warm-Up
One tool we use to break the tension before games is to have the girls and the coaches take a lap around the field a couple of minutes before the first pitch.   Whooping and hollering are encouraged.   It loosens everyone up physically and mentally.   Simple, but it works!