Check out today’s video blog post, where I am sharing some awesome indoor softball drills that you can use in your next softball practice — rain or shine!

Softball Drills: Indoor Defense “Three-Person Intensity” Drill

This defensive drill is called our three-person intensity drill and it works on fielding, throwing, catching, fungo hitting, concentration, and conditioning.     The purpose of this defensive drill is to get a lot of balls in in a small space.


Softball Drills: Communication for Infield & Outfield Defense

In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating a fabulous communication drill – that you can do indoors – that will help your defensive players develop trust in one another, resulting in a winning and successful team!


PLUS, you might want to check out this awesome indoor Hitting Drill, called the “Quick Side Bounce” Drill.


If you’re looking for more practice ideas that work inside a gym or fieldhouse, check out our complete collection of indoor softball drills today! Or if you’d prefer to use your indoor practice time to get your girls in shape, head over to our collection of conditioning drills.