A couple of things I work on is with the theme of “back to the basics” which we all need.   Try these free softball drills to help your team with the basics. You’ll like the results.

The Swing
This drill is for getting the turn into the swing.Use a “T” for this batting drill.

  •       Take proper stance at home plate with “T” in front of plate.
  •       Place bat end on belly button and angle or point bat back at appx 45 degree angle.
  •       Freeze that position of the bat.
  •       Then small step toward pitcher, squash the bug hard and fast, turn those hips and hit the ball.
  •       Do not move that bat from the belly or change the angle.
  •       Do not use hands except to hold the bat in the original position.

Repeat 10 to 15 full hard twists. Take a break then step back up and use the same body turn but add a full swing this time for 10 to 15 reps.

Catch Above the Waist Drill
Young or inexperienced ball players have a lot of trouble catching balls above the waist.

I teach them the “HI” method. Take the glove off and wave and say “Hi”.   Put the glove back on and say “Hi” to the ball as it comes to you.

It is an almost instant fix to glove position for balls above the waist.