I’ve gotten a whole bunch of requests for [tag]girls fastpitch softball drills[/tag] over the past few days.  Here’s a couple of great [tag]softball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] ideas that I received from Jeff and Sterling. Girls Fastpitch Softball Drills

From Jeff…

Need a stopwatch – Base Running Drill

Put a pitcher on the mound to throw. Work with the runners to get a jump on the release, also have them go from first to third. Really focus on these:

1) jump from first
2) body lean into second, inside foot contacting corner of base and cut the angle as close to 90 degree angle as possible toward third
3) Round third practice the same.
Purpose of stopwatch is 6 seconds from 1st to 3rd and it keeps the girls competing.

From Sterling…

One of the best drills I do with my infield is to put a girl at each base.  After throwing it to each girl I start yelling the base number out and the girl must throw to that base as she is hearing it.
I believe it helps her think on the fly and react quickly. It has really helped us over the years.

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    • Bailey James

      Nice little post on some base running drills. I especially like the tip on yelling out the base to the infielders who then have to throw it to that base. You know how loud and confusing game situations can be so I can see how this drill would help the girls prepare for that.
      Bailey James

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