This is one of my practice drills we do a lot especially if we have several errors where the ball goes under our glove in a game or during practice. The drill is called the short hop drill.

Short Hop Drill
You start 3 girls at 2nd base and you have 3 girls at 3rd base.
The 1st girl in line at 3rd starts with the ball and throws a short hop to the first girl in line at 2nd.

The girl that throws the ball goes to the end of her line, or to make it a little harder, you can have her run to the end of line at 2nd, running to her throwing hand side.

The girl that received the ball at 2nd now throws a short hop to the girl in line at 3rd.

We make it a little more interesting by having a friendly competition against each other. We usually play the first to 20 with out a drop.

This drill has really helped cut down on the errors. Our whole team does this drill.

I have the outfielders go against the infielders and they really enjoy beating them. Now when the girls have a short hop hit to them in the game they play the ball instead of the ball playing them.