If you’re looking for good coaching tips for softball try these.     The first tips are two conditioning drills we often start our practice with. Next is a coaching tip I feel is invaluable in creating your practice plans and involving your players.

Conditioning Drill
1. Girls form a wide circle
2. Each girl places a ball in front of them.
3. First girl starts in the middle, runs to any ball and tosses it to the girl at the opposite end.
4. Girl returns to the middle and proceeds to another ball, tosses it and returns to the middle each time until all the balls are finished.

You can make it a little more challenging by timing them.

Shuttle Drill
Another drill here because it is so effective. I call it the Shuttle drill since it is like the shuttle run I used to do when I was in school!

1. 3-4 balls placed in front.   Player runs and lays the ball where she first started.
2. She repeats this until all the balls are gone.
3. You can do 2 players at a time so it will be more challenging.

Game Review
While coaching a 12U Fastpitch team – after each game, the team (including coaches) sat down and each of us had to either say something positive about the game or something that didn’t go so well and that we should work on at the next practice.

I then took those ideas and incorporated them into the next practice.   Most of the positive things came from things that we had worked hard on at a previous practice.

I felt it made the girls feel they were more involved in helping plan practices and they realized what we needed to work on.