Here are a couple of my favorite coaching tips for softball that I have had to use to try to teach young players or beginners how to hold their glove when catching the ball in different positions, and different sides around their body.

Glove Positions
I start with simple positions: over the left shoulder, below the right knee and such.
What I do is I take their glove away and make them catch with their hand at several places; then they take their glove and catch the same places.

Ground Up Drill
Another drill that I do is call the “ground-up”drill. This to help them learn to field ground balls from the ground up, instead of from the up position reaching down.
We bounce this drill, dropping their gloves and bending their knees to slap the back of the glove to the ground.

It doesn’t take long for them to realize when they miss grounders most of the time it is because of poor glove positioning.