A quick tip on hitting the outside pitch is you have to let it get deeper into the zone. This will give you more power behind it and you can drive it hard to right field.

Pitchers throw to this area because it’s harder to make contact (further away from the eyes) and more difficult to generate power. The hitter must wait longer in order to hit the outside pitch deeper in her contact zone, which generates a length of stroke that is too short (bringing about less momentum).

Hitting for Power

The double tee works well in practicing hitting the outside pitch because the front tee (towards the pitcher) is a little bit higher and simulates a pitch down the middle, while the back tee is lower and simulates the outside pitch.

Outside Pitch Double Tee Hitting Drill

  • The goal is to hit the ball on the back tee only, not the ball on the front.
  • Notice how deep the ball is relation to her hip. The key to hitting for power to the right side is letting the ball get deeper in the zone.
  • The hitter focuses on the pitcher and the release point, and then on the contact point of that outside tee.

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