With this drill we practice grounders, short and long throws, running toss and underhand toss while maintaining alertness to the changing requirements of the catch and throw from each new position.

Indoor Ball Handling Softball Drill
Useful when space is limited, such as gymnasium.

Station players at 4 corners of “gym” (for convenience these are players # 2 through #5,   place player #1 about ¼ of the length of the “gym” inside this 4 player rectangle, place player #6 about 1/3 “gym” length in from the opposite end).   Safely locate any players beyond these six into a center area.

Exercise begins with #1 “delivering” a ground ball to player #2 on a corner.
Player #2 fields the ball with proper technique,   rotates feet and body as required to make a throw to player #3.
Player 3 catches, rotates to throw to player #4.
Player #4 receives ball, rotates and throws a grounder to player #5.
Player 5 fields the ball, rotates and begins a jog toward the #6 player to whom the ball is tossed while advancing forward.
Another player could be added inside the square to receive an underhand toss from player #6.

All players advance/move to the position to which they have just advanced the ball.

Besides increasing ball handling skills (timed for advanced players), and mental alertness/fitness with the requirements to perform different actions from differing locations, there is the need to physically reposition oneself after making an initial play (catch then throw then reposition).

Reversing the initial direction of the throw from player #2 changes all footwork (left to right versus right to left after fielding the ball).