To end our indoor practice we usually do some sort of relay that involves the indoor softball drills we have learned. We stress the importance of paying attention to the rules of the relay. The one relay the girls love goes as follows:

Indoor Relay Race
1. Form 2 lines
2. Have a ball on the half court line out in front of each line
3. When the whistle blows, the first person in each line runs to the ball and scoops it into the glove
4. They then make a hard throw against the far wall ( it is important to make a hard level throw and not a big rainbow so you can get the ball quicker)
5. They then charge the ball and field it and throw against the wall 3 more times, staying behind a designated line on the floor
6. They then race back and place the ball on the half court line
7. They then run back and tag the next player in line (make sure they tag behind the starting line) and repeat process until all girls have gone through

If they miss one of the rules, they have to do one quick push up before they can continue. Usually the team that loses is due to an error in throwing or lack of attention to detail.

We utilize this time afterwards to discuss what went wrong and also how they can improve it. This goes along with our theme that we want to try and play error free ball.