In today’s video blog post, we are talking about a great throwing and pitching mechanics drill that will help your players find their balance and get their weight back.

The “Balance Drill” for Throwing and Pitching Mechanics

It’s really important to try to get their weight back during their pitch. That way, when they land, they’ll land in a good position and not too far forward.

Here’s what you’re going to try to do – she’s going to balance on her right foot and her knee is going to be up. And she’s going to pretend there’s a bucket in front of her, and she’s going to think about jumping over that bucket. She needs to get her foot up high enough so her catcher is able to see the bottom of her cleat as she pushes off. That way when she lands, she’s in a good athletic position and she’s not leaning forward and off balance.

She’s going to hold that position for about three seconds and then she’s going to swing back her arm. And on the way up, she’s going to push with the right foot and hop out.

You don’t even have to have them start from the wind-up, you can start with their hands right by their sides and just swing the arms up. It’s important that they even though they are focusing on getting their foot up high, they can’t forget about driving the right leg up to the left. Once her toes hit the dirt, she’s going to drag as fast as she can on the way up. And that’s going to keep the ball nice and low. The ball will tend to come up if she doesn’t drag fast enough.


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