I’ve gotten a whole bunch of requests for [tag]softball fast pitch[/tag] drills over the past few days.   Here’s an idea sent in by John that I use regularly.  Softball Fast Pitch

Well I don’t know how original this is, but I often struggle with getting the girls to run the bases “full out”.   What I do in this [tag]drill[/tag]  is set up two players on second base, one headed towards first and the other towards third.   I try to match them up based on similar athletic talent.

Basically what I do then is have them race to home plate. I break the other girls up evenly and assign a runner to each team. If their runner wins nothing happens but for the runner that comes in second, her team runs the bases and I continue this through out the rest of the girls.   This sets up a lot of cheering on of each girl and leads towards overall team camaraderie.  

Kind of a fun end of practice [tag]softball[/tag]  drill that you can relate back to in game situations–for instance a runner is on second and you can tell her, “run as hard as you do in the [tag]baserunning[/tag] drill; just beat the ball to home plate.”