For a fun softball hitting drill, we play a gamed we termed “king of the mountain” for 10U. It teaches bunting and the girls love to play it.

King of the Mountain

Each girl gets cage time and bunts as many as she can in a row.
The catch is they cannot bunt a ball and must pull the bat back.
If they bunt or pull the bat back on a ball, they get credit.
We see how may they can do in a row.

    You will see on week one that one girl will get up to 10 and by week 4, you will have girls doing 30 in a row!

    Outfielder Tip
    When teaching outfielders which step to take first on a fly ball this is what has been working for us.

    If the ball is hit above the brim of their cap then take a step back because the trajectory of the ball is over their head.

    If it is below the brim then look to come up on the ball, and if it is hit right at their brim then hold and read for a moment.