This is great for indoor practices to work on accuracy in throwing. The object of the drill is to test the accuracy of the thrower in a one minute period.

One Minute Drill
Put on object on a traffic cone–(you can use a stuffed animal, a softball, a nerf ball-depending on the age you are working with and the level of accuracy you expect).

We run two groups at the same time. Have the cone near a padded wall.

You need a timer, one person throwing, one near the cone to put the object back on when it’s knocked off, a feeder (to the thrower) and at least one or two fielders.

The feeder rolls the ball to the thrower who fields the ball and throws it at the target on the traffic cone.   If it gets knocked off it gets replaced quickly.   Fielders retrieve the balls that have bounced off the wall and get them to the feeder.   (It’s quite a busy minute).

Either the thrower or the feeder keep count of how many the thrower actually knocks off the traffic cone.     It doesn’t count if it hits the wall first, then the cone or the objecct.

At first we count it when the thrown ball hits the cone (not necessarily the object is hit).   As we progress in this drill our expectations increase and the rules change (i.e.-hitting the cone doesn’t count-you have to hit the object directly).

The person timing can be the judge.

The girl with the most “points” gets a prize or gets out of a running sprints. The girls love this drill.   Iit really makes them focus on accuracy and throwing for one minute straight and is quite the workout!