Softball Pitching and the Power Driving Drill

In this power pitching drill, we are working on bringing the front leg up high, and then dragging the back leg up into a tuck, moving up and over the cone, staying sideways. The focus of this drill is to work on a good drag. You can bring both arms up on one side together, or you can split the arms and then driving up on that toe towards your catcher.

This drill is done at three spacing intervals:

– Start at the mound, doing 5 — 10 repetitions

– Then move back 3 to 4 giant steps to your second location, and do 5 — 10 more repetitions

– The third spot should be another 3 to 4 giant steps back again, and do 5 — 10 more repetitions at this length.

This is an aggressive drill with the pitch speed ultimately very similar to a fast ball – really quick through the bottom. When you increase the distance, you are still trying to throw it hard like a strike.


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