This is a fast paced softball drill that can be varied (during the drill) to stretch the better player and softened for the emerging player.   I call it the Zig-Zag Drill and it is excellent for all softball skills and drills.

Zig-Zag Drill
Set three cones out that if connected with a line, it would form the letter Z.   You should vary the distance between and distance from start based on age of your players.

  • We have each player run towards each cone looking for the ball, not knowing if it will be a ground or fly ball.
  • We vary where we place the ball (high, low, front or back, etc.) to ensure they are tracking the ball and reacting accordingly.
  • Once caught, or retrieved, they have to have square up, get a good base and make a good throw back to the coach.
  • Once caught and thrown, they must quickly change direction and work towards the next cone.
  • We start working towards the closest cone and typically end with a big fly ball at cone #3.

Improve footwork / lateral movement.
Improve reaction and tracking.
Improve agility with quick starts and stops.
Improve the transition from running, fielding and throwing.
Improve throwing in game like conditions — find, field and throw.