baserunning drills 1st base to home

Baserunning Drills: From 1st Base to Home Plate

Have you ever asked how you can become a better base runner? The answer isn’t as simple as being fast.   It’s also about being smarter on the base paths.   At all times, you need to know the number of outs in the inning because this will affect the type of runner you become. With two outs, you go as hard as you can on every hit.   If there are less than two outs, you’ll want to be cautious (but still aggressive).   The most important factors in successful base running are aggressiveness and awareness of the situation at all times.

In this article, we show you how to cover all the bases with emphasis on a few techniques that can help you become a smarter base runner!   Check out these awesome baserunning drills!

Baserunning Drills: Leaving Home

There is one element of the game that every player has to execute, and that is after the hit, leaving home plate and progressing to first plate. We want to make sure that our players are using the most efficient footwork to enable them to — as quickly as possible — get out of the box. In this video, we are talking about leaving home plate, and demonstrate 2 excellent baserunning drills to help build these skills in your athletes!


Baserunning Drills: Run and Check from 1st Base

The Run and Check from 1st Base – you can practice this important baserunning skill with your players by having them run through the drill set in the video above. Not only will this drill improve their baserunning skills, but it will also work on communication and trust between athlete and coach.


Baserunning Drills: Leaving Second

In this video, we emphasize skills and techniques for leaving second base.


Baserunning Drills: Third Base to Home

You’ve got a runner on third base and she’s about to score. What does she need to know about her leads, about tagging up and protecting herself in this position? The above video is all about leaving third base and heading for home plate!


Baserunning Drills: Learning To Slide

Sliding is a skill that needs to be taught because it does not come naturally to all young women. When you are teaching to slide in baserunning, you first need to make sure the athletes know WHY they are sliding. In this video, we are talking about baserunning and the importance of sliding, and demonstrating some fantastic sliding exercises that you can incorporate into your next practice!


“A Step and a Dive” Baserunning Drill plus Tips on How To Dive Safely!

In this video, we talk about a great baserunning drill exercise called “A Step and a Dive”. It will really get your players familiar with the common rule of thumb — when she takes her lead off of the base, she is going to be a “step and a dive” away. We also discuss tips on how to dive safely!



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