Works on reaching base and advancing runners in a fun, game-like environment

Set Up

  • Split your players into three even teams of roughly 4-5 players each.
  • Each team should have a designated pitcher.
  • Two teams fill out the defensive positions while the third team is on offense.
Batters are awarded extra points for every base they reach without making an out


  1. The first offensive player steps to the plate with a bat and helmet against a live pitcher.
  2. The batter tries to reach base while the defense tries to make an out.
  3. The offensive team is awarded a point for each base the player reaches: 1 point for first, 2 points for second, 3 points for third and 4 points for home.
  4. Once all players have batted, rotate the teams and repeat.
  5. Each team gets two offensive innings.  At the end of the game, the team with the most points wins.

Coaching Tips

  • The points are cumulative – so a player reaching second would receive 3 points (1 point for first plus 2 points for second).
  • This game greatly rewards advancing baserunners, so encourage your players get safely on base, then try aggressively to advance.

Make it harder: Batters start with an 0-1 or 0-2 count

Make it easier: Have batters hit off a tee, soft-toss pitching or a pitching machine.